Chibi 9

Yuriya Tachibana and Karin

Yuriya Tachibana (橘 友里耶, Tachibana Yuriya) is a half-vampire born to a human mother and a vampire father. She first appears in the eighth volume of the manga.

She moves into Karin's town at the request of her uncle to seek out the Markers and study Karin. Because she is half-vampire, she can also walk in the sunshine and only has to feed once a month, however she is sterile and will never be able to have children.

When Karin befriends her, Yuriya initially lies to her uncle and tries to protect her. She is nearly killed by Elda Marker after she is discovered, and later betrays Karin, reluctantly helping her uncle capture her so Karin can be used as the Spring of Psyche.

Later, Yuriya expresses remorse for her part in Karin's capture and helps her escape. After Karin is safe, Yuriya goes to find her uncle to ensure he finds safe shelter as the sun rises. Near the end of the series, Yuriya is living with her uncle again.

She returns briefly to Karin's town, but only shows herself to Kenta out of concern that the hovering Markers would kill her if she tried to approach Karin directly. She asks Kenta to pass Karin a new cellphone to replace the one her uncle threw out during Karin's kidnapping, before saying her goodbyes, noting that she will probably not see either of them again. Yuriya showed up at chapter 32.

Yuriya mother

Sophia in the form of Yuriya's mother through the latter's view.

Known relatives Edit

  • Unnamed father (vampire)
  • Unnamed mother (human)
  • Glark - uncle