Winner Sinclair
Gender Male
Age: 16-18
Family: Alfred Sinclair (Ancestor)
Victor Sinclair (Grandfather)
Seiyuu Kouki Miyata
Voice Actor James Shubert
Race Human
Occupation Vampire Hunter
Anime Debut Bleeding is embarrasing

Winner Sinclair (ウィナー・シンクレア) is a descendant of Alfred Sinclair. He only appears in the anime.


He was raised as a vampire slayer. He wasn't born in Japan but visited there once before. He was the first victim of Karin.


When he first appears in the anime, he is totally infatuated with Karin , calling her his "Ideal Woman", and even challenging Kenta Usui to a duel every day for Karin's affection. While dueling, Karin interupts, but immediatly has another nosebleed. At the sight of blood, Winner passes out (indicating him to possibly hemophobic). Later, while patroling for vampires, Winner's cross necklace breaks without him noticing. A passing Henry Marker notices and returns it to him. He thanks him, not realizing that one of the vampires he was searching for just handed him his cross. Winner is amazed that even in the city there are still kind people. Actually, Winner first appears in the very beginning of the first episode. During that time, he is the one who was bitten by Karin at the dock. His first kiss was with Karin, but in truth it was her first bite and because of the memory loss, he though it was a kiss. Karin's best friend Maki falls in love with him and confesses to then be rejected because he still feels he is in love with Karin.


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