The Marker family (マーカー Mākā) is a vampire house which originally resided in Europe until Elda Marker's home being attacked by the Catholic church and her immigration to Japan.

Family tree Edit

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Elda's parents[n 1]
James Edwards
Daniel Braunlich[n 2]
Cecilia Armash
Elda's brother[n 3]
Calera Armash
Elise[n 4]
Ren Maaka
Brigitte Braunlich[n 5]
Kenta Usui
Karin Maaka
Anjuu Maaka
Rei (Maaka?)
Kanon Usui

Bold names are used for characters originally from Marker family, bold and italic names are used for their direct descendants with different surnames, and italic names are used for the suspected members of the family.

  1. It was revealed in the family tree (linked image) that Elda's parents survived the attack on their family in 17th~18th century.
  2. Daniel was referred as Brigitte's uncle.
  3. Since Elda had escaped from the Marker family home in the crisis, her parents thought that she was dead. Later, her brother was born to carry on the Marker name.
  4. Elise's name was taken from the picture linked above. She was Elga's elder sister.
  5. Brigitte was Daniel's niece, hence a first cousin to Calera, which makes her actually Ren's second aunt, or his first cousin once removed ascending.

Branches and descendants Edit

Elga's family Edit

See also: Elga Marker and Frederick Marker

Another branch of the family, descended from an unnamed brother of Elda (Elga's father), still resides in Europe at the current timeline of the manga series.

The Maaka's Edit

Elda & Karin

Elda, the Marker matriarch, and her granddaughter Karin.

See also: Maaka's

The Maaka's (真紅) is a Japanese localized branch of the Markers. This branch is descended from Elda Marker, the matriarch of this branch family and paternal grandmother of the Maaka siblings.

The Usui's Edit

The Usui's (雨水) is a human family residing in Japan. Kenta Usui was trusted to take care of Henry's daughter Karin after her memories about the vampires, including her family, had been erased by Henry. Kanon Usui was the Marker's first known descendant bearing the surname Usui.

The in-laws Edit

The Edwardses Edit

The Edwardses became related through marriage with the Markers when James Edwards, grandnephew of Edward, married the only then-known Marker survivor Elda at this time.

The Braunlichs Edit

The Braunlichs were related by marriage/mating to the Markers at least twice. The first time was from the marriage between Calera Armash, the only daughter of Daniel Braunlich, and Henry, the only son of Elda. The second time was from the copulation between Henry's son Ren Maaka and Brigitte Braunlich, which resulted in a son named Rei.

The Armashes Edit

The Armashes were related by marriage to the Markers due to the marriage between their daughter Calera and Elda's son Henry.

Trivia Edit

  • According to, the surname 'Marker' was of German origin (like Braunlich), which first appeared in Prussia. Some of its variations include: Mark, Marck, Marcker, Marckert, Marquart, Marquard, Marque, Markert, Marker, Marcart, Marcard, Marquart, Marquard.