Kanon Usui
Kanon Usui
Gender Female


Race Half human, half vampire
Kanon Usui (雨水 歌音 Usui Kanon) is the daughter of Karin Maaka and Kenta Usui.

Origin Edit

She is only seen in volume fourteen after Karin has become human. It was suggested in an omake that the psyche would be reincarnated as the child of Kenta and Karin. She also humorously requests that Kenta make sure that she reincarnates as a girl because she doesn't want to be a boy with creepy eyes. She is a normal human child who has a strange habit of trying to kiss her father on the lips and bears a striking resemblance to her mother, even having a big chest at the age of six. As she leaves for school, she fails to notice Anju, who is, in fact, her maternal aunt, watching over her and promising to keep "her" (unclear if it was Karin or Kanon she was referring to) happy.

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