Henry Marker
Henry maaka karin
Gender Male
Age: 50+[n 1]
Seiyuu Hiroshi Matsumoto
Voice Actor Paul John Pistore
Race Vampire
Affinity Pride
Anime Debut Overflowing is Embarrassing

Henry Marker (ヘンリー・マーカー) is a vampire who is portrayed as surprisingly human with a submissive personality towards his wife.


When he and his wife Calera moved to Japan, they kept the English spelling of their surname, while their children chose to use the Japanese romaji spelling instead.


Henry's love for his daughter is exemplified when Karin first suffered a nosebleed at a human school. Henry braved the sunlight to rescue Karin from the hospital workers, who would have realized she was a vampire upon examination, and is severely burned in the process. Henry suffers when the possibility of love between Karin and Kenta Usui arises.



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Trivia Edit

  • He makes cameo appearances in episode 19 minute 14:59 from Needless.


  1. In Chapter 22, at the annual assembly, the vampires commented that Calera was brought to the Marker house 50 years before (the date was revealed in chapter 23 as 28th year of Showa Era - 1954), assuming both of them must be about 60~70 years old at the current timeline, since James had an appearance of a young man and Calera a teenage girl/young woman at that time. Their marriage was 10 years after their first meeting (~1964).