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Glark (グラーク) is Yuriya's uncle who aided Brigitte Braunlich in locating and capturing Karin. He attempted to drain Karin of her blood so he could restore fertility to the vampires throughout Japan as well as trying to having her forcefully impregnated to ensure the creation of another Psyche but this is thwarted by the marker family who rescue Karin and prevent anything happening to her. After a fierce battle with Henry Marker (with assistance from his mother Elda Marker), Glark is left behind to die in the sunlight but is luckily saved from being caught in the sun by Yuriya. Afterwards, he contacts Henry to see if they can find a way to use Karin's blood without harming her, but is informed that she is no longer producing excess blood. Glark is not shown in the anime.

Trivia Edit

  • He is only referred (mainly by Henry Marker and the Braunlichs) as just "Glark". Since he and Henry seem to have had a friendly relationship before the former kidnapped the latter's daughter, "Glark" might be his given name. His surname remains unclear until the end of the manga series.
  • Glark speaks in a Kansai (Osaka) dialect due to living there so long.
  • He's a gangster, often employed as a "cleaner".