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Elda Marker
Gender Female
Age: 200+
Family: Alfred Sinclair
Henry Marker
Calera Maaka
Ren Maaka
Karin Maaka
Anju Maaka
Seiyuu Yuri Shiratori
Voice Actor Denise Tan Shu Fen
Race Vampire
Affinity Love
Anime Debut Elda Appears! is Embarrassing

Elda Marker (エルダ・マーカー) is Karin Maaka's grandmother and Henry's mother. She was originally asleep in the family's basement, and was sealed away by Calera, but was freed when Henry removed the seals.


Elda sleeps in a coffin in the basement along with her husband, James, whom she greatly loves. Despite being vampires, Elda and Calera frequently display a stereotypical conflict between mother and daughter-in-law. Aside from the color and length of their hair as well as their bust sizes, Karin and Elda look nearly identical. Elda is fond of her grandchildren, in particular Karin, who she worries will end up hurt when she learns of Karin's feelings for Kenta Usui.


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Elda and her previous lover, Alfred
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When she first awakens in the manga, she runs rampant through Karin's school to extract blood for James so he can wake up, but is saddened to learn upon returning home that he had dried up and was dead. Shortly afterwards she returns to sleep, waking up again in Volume 10 (40th Embarrassment). She later attacks Yuriya Tachibana for being a "half breed mutt", at the same time revealing to Karin the reason humans and vampires cannot be together; half-vampires such as Tachibana are sterile and have no future in the vampire community. She hates half-vampires because it was a half breed who betrayed the vampires to the Church, thus driving them to leave Europe and migrate to Japan. When Karin is kidnapped by Glark, Tachibana and the Brownlicks, Elda takes off on her own to save Karin, using her bats to shield herself and Henry from the sun and later going back to the Brownlick mansion to "teach them a lesson".

In the anime, Elda was originally in love with Alfred Sinclair, a human botanist and the ancestor of Winner Sinclair. Alfred's father tried to seperate the young couple, believing that vampires and humans could never coexist. Alfred was locked within his house, but escaped to see Elda before the town mob could attack her at her home. When he arrived, the two were trapped inside as several torches started a fire in the house, and Alfred urged Elda to suck some of his blood so that she would have the strength to escape. She did, but also drained Alfred's love for her, whereupon he tried to kill her with a large piece of wood.
Elda stabbed by Alfred
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Elda fled and was never heard from by Alfred again. It is later revelead that despite his momentary lapse, Alfred's love was strong enough that it returned to him almost immediately after having been drained, albeit only after Elda ran away.

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