The Edwards family (エドワズ Edowazu) was a vampire house which originally resided in Europe. Its last known member, James Edwards, left for Japan after the Church exterminated their kind, which the Markers were amongst the victims. The other of known Edwardses, also the first named to appear chronologically, was James' great-uncle, Edward Edwards, who had tried to save Sophia Pistis but died trying.

Family tree Edit

James and Elda

James Edwards & Elda Marker

Edward's parent
Edward's brother
James' parent
The Markers
The Braunlichs
The Armashes
Elda Marker
Daniel Braunlich[n 1]
Cecilia Armash
Henry Marker
Calera Armash
Ren Maaka
Brigitte Braunlich[n 2]
Kenta Usui
Karin Maaka
Anjuu Maaka
Rei (Maaka?)
Kanon Usui

Bold names are used for characters originally from Edwards family, bold and italic names are used for their direct descendants with different surnames, and italic names are used for the suspected members of the family.

  1. Daniel was referred as Brigitte's uncle.
  2. Brigitte was Daniel's niece, hence a first cousin to Calera, which makes her actually Ren's second aunt, or his first cousin once removed ascending.

Relationship with other families Edit

The Braunlichs Edit

The Braunlichs claimed the possession of the Psyches and the Armash bloodline. They entrusted the Edwardses to observe the related rituals, until Edward Edwards attempted to save a Psyche.

The Armashes Edit

The Armashes carried the Psyche ability, which was referred as a salvation to the vampires. After the death of Edward, the Edwardses, according to James, had been working for the liberation of the Psyches for generations for Edward's will.

Relatives Edit

The Edwardses was related by marriage with the Markers (through James' marriage with Elda Marker), the Braunlichs and Armashes (through the marriage between Henry Marker and Calera Armash, and later, the birth of Ren Maaka's son Rei), and the Usui's (through the marriage between Kenta Usui and Karin Maaka).

Henry Marker, his children– the Maaka siblings– and their children–Rei and Kanon Usui– were descendants of James Edwards.