Daniel in the vampires' immigration to Japan.

Daniel Braunlich (ダニエル・ブラウンリック), later known as Daniel Armash (ダニエル・アルマーシュ), was a member of the Braunlichs and also a friend to James Edwards. Daniel was among the vampires who came into Japan after James had rescued Elda Marker, who later became his spouse, from the vampire hunters massacring her own clan, the Markers.

In some time before Elda was rescued from the massacre, Daniel proposed and married Cecilia Armash, who James had taken an interest in.

Daniel deathbed

Daniel in his last moments, counseling his daughter.

Later in the current timeline, before his death, Daniel revealed to his daughter, Calera, that James might have planned for her wedding to Elda's son, Henry Marker, for the Armash blood to breed the legendary Psyche, which resulted in that Daniel's granddaughter, Karin Maaka, turned out to be this generation's Psyche, the Fountain of Life.