This is the list of Karin manga chapters.

Volume 1 Edit

  • 1st Embarrassment: "Karin and the Mysterious Boy ~First Impression~"
  • 2nd Embarrassment: "Karin's Family and the Dangerous Afternoon ~A Hard Nut to Crack~"
  • 3rd Embarrassment: "Karin's Face and the Mask Removed ~Fall Off~"
  • 4th Embarrassment: "Karin's Worries and Kenta's Distress ~Confinement~"
  • 5th Embarrassment: "Karin's Preference and the Charming Woman ~Taste~"

Volume 2 Edit

  • 6th Embarrassment: "Kenta's Question and the Little Girl's Words ~Doubt~"
  • 7th Embarrassment: "Anju's Plan and Karin's Truth ~Plot~"
  • 8th Embarrassment: "Karin's Tears and Kenta's Pride ~Pride~"
  • 9th Embarrassment: "Karin's Bewilderment and Anju's Proposal ~Propose~"
  • 10th Embarrassment: "Kenta's Circumstances and the Parents' Judgment ~Judgment~"

Volume 3 Edit

  • 11th Embarrassment: "Karin's Progress and Ren's Smile ~Smile~"
  • 12th Embarrassment: "Karin's Idea and the Odd Pair ~Thought~"
  • 13th Embarrassment: "Fumio's Choice and Harumi's Resolution ~Resolution~"
  • Bonus Story #1: "Anju's School and Boogie-kun's Return ~Anju Special~"
  • 14th Embarrassment: "The Family Secret and Karin the Outcast ~Secret~"

Volume 4 Edit

  • 15th Embarrassment: "Karin's Patience and Kenta's Danger ~Patience~"
  • 16th Embarrassment: "Karin's Regret and Kenta's Uneasiness ~Uneasy~"
  • 17th Embarrassment: "Karin's Feelings and Ren's Indignation ~Indignation~"
  • 18th Embarrassment: "Karin's First Love and Maki's Meddling ~First Love~"2nd Bonus Story: *"Ren's Graduation and Hinata's Memory ~Ren Special~"

Volume 5 Edit

  • 19th Embarrassment: "The Panicked Family and the Mean Grandma ~Confusion~"
  • 20th Embarrassment: "Usui-Kun's Cold and Grandma's Scheming ~Intrigue~"
  • 21st Embarrassment: "The Bloody Kiss and the Vampire Sleep ~Thanatos~"
  • 22nd Embarrassment: "The Vampire Assembly and Karin's Christmas ~Holy Night~"
  • 3rd Bonus Story: "James' Lie and Calera's Pride ~Henry & Calera Special~"

Volume 6 Edit

  • 23rd Embarrassment: "The Suspicious Pair and Kenta's Anxiety ~Anxiety~"
  • 24th Embarrassment: "Usui-Kun's Panic and Fumio's Unrest ~Embarrassment~"
  • 25th Embarrassment: "Kenta's Suffering and Karin's Flight ~Run Away From Home~"
  • 26th Embarrassment: "Fumio's Confession and Kenta's Rejection ~Refusal~"

Volume 7 Edit

  • 27th Embarrassment: "Depressed Usui and Karin's Coming Out ~Coming Out~"
  • 28th Embarrassment: "Karin's Chase and Karin's First ~Chase~"
  • 29th Embarrassment: "Dream Karin and Kenta's Home ~Bonds~"
  • 30th Embarrassment: "The Conclusion and the Future ~Conclusion~"

Volume 8 Edit

  • 31st Embarrassment: "Maki's Worries and Karin's Gossip ~Worry~"
  • 32nd Embarrassment: "What Usui-kun Doesn't Know and the Newbie ~New Face~"
  • 33rd Embarrassment: "Karin's Lovesickness and Yuriya's Secret ~Lovesickness~"
  • 34th Embarrassment: "Maki's Push and Kenta's Reservations ~Reserve~"
  • 35th Embarrassment: "The Karin Inside of Kenta and Karin's First Date ~First Date~"
  • 4th Bonus Story: "Maki Who Doesn't Know and Karin Who Cannot Say ~Maki Special~"

Volume 9 Edit

  • 36th Embarrassment: "Karin's Hesitation and Kenta's Confession ~Confession~"
  • 37th Embarrassment: "The Two Beginners and Yuriya's Investigation ~Beginners~"
  • 38th Embarrassment: "Yuriya's Secret and the Maaka Family's Strategy ~Scheme~"
  • 39th Embarrassment: "Yuriya's Imprisonment and Her Uncle's Identity ~Identity~"

Volume 10 Edit

  • 40th Embarrassment: "Usui-kun's Birthday and Karin's Present ~Present~"
  • 41st Embarrassment: "Grandma's Suspicion and Kenta's Shame"
  • 42nd Embarrassment: "Karin's Disclosure and Elda's Suggestion ~Disclosure~"
  • 5th Bonus Story: "The Unknown Land and Elda's Sadness ~Elda Special~"
  • Extras: "Soft Bed and Secrets Revealed ~Snug~"

Volume 11 Edit

  • 43rd Embarrassment: "A New Semester and Anju's Melancholy ~Melancholy~"
  • 44th Embarrassment: "Anju's Hesitation and Yuriya's Past ~The Past~"
  • 45th Embarrassment: "Boogie-kun's Support and Anju's Decision ~Supporter~"
  • 46th Embarrassment: "Koibuchi-kun's Loneliness and Anju's Sadness ~Solitary~"

Volume 12 Edit

  • 47th Embarrassment: "Helpless Karin and the Lid on Her Heart ~Helpless~"
  • 48th Embarrassment: "Karin's Dilemma and Kenta's Happiness ~Happiness~"
  • 49th Embarrassment: "Everyone's Choices and Calera's Report ~A Report~"
  • 50th Embarrassment: "Kenta Alone and Karin's First... ~Initial Experience~"

Volume 13 Edit

  • 51st Embarrassment: "Glark's Plan and Yuriya's Invitation"
  • 52nd Embarrassment: "The Markers' Search and Kenta's Guidance"
  • 53rd Embarrassment: "Bridget's Joy and Karin's Determination"
  • 54th Embarrassment: "Karin Captured and Kenta's Rescue Party"

Volume 14 Edit

  • 55th Embarrassment: "Karin's Despair and Fragments of Sophia"
  • 56th Embarrassment: "Yuriya's Repentance and the Vampire Battle"
  • 57th Embarrassment: "Survival at Dawn and the End of the Fight"
  • 58th Embarrassment: "The Morning Promise and the Happy Future"

Chibi Vampire AirmailEdit

  • Reverse Babysitting
  • Searching For My Beloved
  • Chibi Vampire Side-Story: The Vampire of West Woods
  • Chibi Vampire Bonus Story: Maki-Chan, The Helping Angel of Love