Brigitte Braunlich, current heir of the Braunlich family.

The Braunlich family (ブラウンリック Buraunrikku) is a vampire house that originally resided at Europe but came to Japan in 200 years before the main story (17th-18th century). The first known member, chronologically, was Karin's maternal grandfather Daniel Braunlich.

In the last arc of the manga, the Braunlichs acted as antagonists who want to take control of the current generation's Psyche (i.e. Karin Maaka).

Family tree Edit


Estleman Regan, Gilbert's father and Brigitte's former father-in-law.

Brigitte's grandfather
Cecilia Armash
Estleman Regan
Brigitte's parent
Henry Marker
Calera Armash
Gilbert Regan(1)
Kenta Usui
Karin Maaka
Anjuu Maaka
Ren Maaka(2)
Kanon Usui
Rei (Maaka?)

Bold names are used for characters originally from Braunlich family, bold and italic names are used for their direct descendants with different surnames, and italic names are used for the suspected members of the family.

Robert and Olivia

Robert (left) and Olivia

Known relatives Edit

  • Robert and Olivia, the seemingly only pacifists of the Braunlich kinsmen

The in-laws Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Bräunlich ("brownish") is an uncommon surname in German.