The Armash family (アルマーシュ Arumāshu) was a vampire house which resided at Europe in the past. Chronologically, the first known member was Cecilia Armash, Karin's maternal grandmother.

Family tree Edit


The Armashes (left to right): Daniel, Calera, and Cecilia.

The Braunlichs
The Psyche bloodline
The Markers
Daniel Braunlich
Henry Marker
Ren Maaka
Brigitte Braunlich
Kenta Usui
Karin Maaka
Anjuu Maaka
Rei (Maaka?)
Kanon Usui

Bold names are used for characters originally from Armash family, bold and italic names are used for their direct descendants with different surnames, and italic names are used for the suspected members of the family.

Relations with other families Edit

The Braunlichs Edit

The Braunlichs, long before the canonical current timeline, claimed the Armash bloodline and the Psyches to be their properties. The Psyche's ability to produce blood, according to Sophia Pistis, was granted by God as a salvation for vampires, who were born as blood suckers. For this reason, this ability was also a curse for Psyches, those of the Armash bloodline who were born with it. Sophia herself was the collective existence of all those vampires.

The Edwardses Edit

The Edwardses were entrusted by the Braunlichs to observe the rituals for the Psyches.

1000 years prior the current timeline, Edward Edwards had attempted to free a Psyche, whom he called by the name Sophia (which Sophia Pistis took her name from) from the neverending cycle of a blood-producing tool for the vampires, but he could not succeed.

Relatives Edit

The Armashes was related by marriage with the Braunlichs (through Daniel and later, Brigitte), the Edwardses and the Markers (through James Edwards and Elda Marker), and the Usui's (through Kenta).

The Maaka siblings, Rei and Kanon Usui were descendants of Cecilia Armash.