Alfred Sinclair
Gender Male
Age: Unknown
Family: Victor Sinclair (Descendant)
Winner Sinclair (Descendant)
Unnamed father
Elda Marker (Former lover) 
Seiyuu Tomokazu Sugita
Voice Actor George N. Cahill IV
Race Human
Occupation Botanist
Anime Debut Elda's love life is embarrassing

Alfred Sinclair (アルフレッド・シンクレア) is a character of Karin. He is the ancestor of Victor Sinclair and Winner.




The Sinclair's family history has written him down as the man who fell in love with a vampire, Elda Marker. He was both a poet and a writer who wanted a world where humans and vampires could co-exist without fighting. Alfred's father both disapproved of and feared Alfred's vampire lover Elda and forbid him to see her. After he'd locked away his son to stop the relationship and lied to Elda, saying Alfred had asked him to break up with her for him, Elda was driven to a mad feeding frenzy by her rage and feelings of abandonment, leading Alfred's father to take advantage of the situation and make a bid to rid the world of her presence.

During the raid on her hiding place however, Alfred managed to free himself and find her before the others got to her. In a stroke of misfortune, Elda's den was set alight, leaving the two inside to be burnt alive. To save his love, Alfred offered her his blood as she could gain strength to escape the fire, promising he would never forget he loved her. Things did not go as he thought it would and once Elda bit him, his love was gone so all that was left was hatred for her and all vampires. In a trance he stabbed her in the chest, leaving a scar between her breasts. Briefly after Elda had fled, cursing all humans, he snapped out of this trance-like state and as his feelings for Elda returned, he realized in horror what he had done.





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